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Gear ratio: 3.9
Maximum drag force (kg): 20.0
Self weight (g): 825
PE [power pro boat game] thread winding amount (No.-m) / fluoro yarn winding amount (no. 400, 5-350, 6-300, 8-200 / 5-420, 6-350, 7-300, 8-240
Maximum winding length (cm / one rotation of handle): 70
Spool size (diameter) mm / width mm): 57/46
Spool lower winding line (PE No.-m): 5-300
Number of bearings S A-RB / BB / roller: 7/2/1
Handle length (mm): 75
MUTEKIMOTOR + / Discovery circle wireless communication (with ZigBee) / Loop drop display / Raku-Raku mode / Constant speed mode / Carbon cross washer / Motorized hoist load display / Fine dot LCD / Choi roll button / Sleek boat rim stop / Seabed / fish depth display / motorized super slow winding / shelf memo / fire mach system / spear / from the bottom / mode from the bottom / automatic yarn feeding mechanism / time to finish collecting time display / alarm / e-exciting drag sound / waiting for winding in-between function / Shelf timer / Heat free system II / Memory bar Up functions / rod clamp / Fukase mode / winding learning correction / probe seen round corresponding yellowfin 20kg over or squid 15 points seat even longer within range. Increase the power purity, the number 3000 leaps further. The MUTEKI MOTOR + is hidden in the all-round size of No. 3000, and it is Force Master 3000 XP that was born by shifting it to power. Its specifications wrapped in a cool &
compact design body, Shimano hoisting power 69 kg, practical winding endurance 10 kg. It is equipped with a carbon cross washer drag that has excellent heat resistance and excellent sliding performance, and has a maximum drag force of 20 kg. With the power belonging to the top group of the 3000th class, it became possible to put 20 kg of yellowfin or even 15-point crosses of the sunfish into view. The advanced functions are also complete, and the ultra-fast drop performance realized by the firemach system that rotates with an ultra-low load of only 3g, corresponds to a complete fuchsia using a light device. Squid fishing as well as normal fishing can be delivered quickly to the aim rack shelves, you can expand fishing advantageously. Not only the strength but also the high total balance is suitable for the size of the core of the series, and it is this Force Master 3000XP that was born by increasing the purity of the power.

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